Joe Burrow considering making training changes following wrist surgery

Burrow is thinking about switching things up heading into his fifth season in the NFL.

Cincinnati Bengals v Jacksonville Jaguars
Cincinnati Bengals v Jacksonville Jaguars / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is thinking about making some changes to his training and approach following wrist surgery. Burrow tore a ligament in his right wrist in Week 11 of the 2023 NFL season and underwent surgery shortly thereafter. He's been on the road to recovery since.

"I'm still kind of deciphering that in my mind, thinking about how I can mitigate that going into this year," Burrow said of the situation. "Whether it's gaining weight, changing my training, changing my lead-up to training camp that month before, we're still working through all that and seeing where I want to be."

Burrow's injury was a serious one, especially considering the fact that it was to his throwing hand, so taking steps to ensure a smooth return to action is probably a good idea on Burrow's part. After all, Cincinnati's success hinges on his health.

Burrow's target return date

Since the surgery, Burrow's return timetable has been a bit vague, at least considering what has been presented to the public. However, the signal-caller recently shared a target return date that should have fans in Cincinnati feeling pretty optimistic.

"I think middle of May is when I am expecting to kind of be cleared for full contact and everything," Burrow said. "Over the next month [to] month and a half, we'll kind of decide all those things.

". . . I can lift basically normally now, which I'm excited about," Burrow added. "So the next two months, I'll basically be just doing what I've done for the last couple of years. Just the 12 weeks of extra work in the rearview."

The middle of May is still a a while away, so Burrow clearly still has some recovery ahead of him. The good news for the Bengals, though, is that it certainly seems like Burrow should be good to go by the time training camp -- and the season -- rolls around, barring any setbacks.