Joe Burrow has a not-so-secret admirer in Rob Gronkowski

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Once again, Rob Gronkowski is professing how much he loves Joe Burrow. Gronkowski appeared on "Up and Adams" and was asked about Burrow and how he reminds him of Tom Brady, Gronk's other NFL crush.

Gronkowski said that the first time he had really heard of Burrow was when he was watching the National Championship game between Burrow's LSU Tigers and Trevor Lawrence's Clemson Tigers. Gronk couldn't believe what he was watching, noting that Burrow's pocket presence and demeanor reminded him way too much of Burrow.

"I was sitting there watching the game and I was like 'This guy literally reminds me of Tom Brady like to the tee'."

Rob Gronkowski on Up and Adams

Rob Gronkowski continues to shower Joe Burrow with praise

Some Bengals fans might remember when Gronkowski said that the only quarterback he'd want to play for in the NFL (other than Tom Brady, of course) was Burrow. That led to a lot of fans wondering if the four-time Super Bowl champion tight end would be interested in signing with the Bengals.

Gronk opted not to come out retirement while the Bengals signed Hayden Hurst instead. Even if Gronkowski had wanted to come to Cincinnati, once Tom Brady un-retired, he'd likely have gone back to Tampa anyway.

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Gronkowski's constant praise of Burrow is something that's hard to ignore at this point. A man who has spent his NFL career catching passes from Brady comparing Burrow TO Brady is a huge compliment.