Marlon Humphey's sister is on the "Hubba Hubbard" Bengals train

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

As Sam Hubbard stampeded 98 yards down the gridiron to give the Cincinnati Bengals a 24-17 lead (which ended up being the final score of the Wild Card game against the Baltimore Ravens), he acquired a not-so-secret admirer.

Breona Humphrey, the sister of Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey, couldn't help but tweet about how good-looking Hubbard was after he was seen needing oxygen on the sideline after his massive touchdown.

Marlon, as you could imagine, was not thrilled to see after the game that his sister was ogling a player from the team that just ended his season.

Marlon Humphrey's own sister wants to be a Bengals fan

It's hard to deny that Hubbard is an attractive gentleman so no one should blame Breona for pointing this out, even if his success did come at the expense of her brother's football team.

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Sam Hubbard is out here converting Ravens fans to Bengals fans and we salute him for it!