Myles Garrett is held to no sacks and other bold predictions for Week 1 vs. Browns

  • The revamped offensive line holds Myles Garrett to zero sacks
  • Not as much offense as we thought
  • Big day for Mixon
  • Welcome to the show, rook!
Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals
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A defensive rookie forces a turnover

Realistically, there are three candidates who can make this prediction come true, as D.J. Ivey will likely only get snaps on special teams.

The first of which is the rookie who was arguably most impressive in the preseason -- aside from Andrei Iosivas -- D.J. Turner. While the former Wolverine won't be starting over Cam Taylor-Britt or Chidobe Awuzie, I imagine Lou Anarumo will put him out in some defensive sets. His snaps will be very limited, but he could end up making the most of them and getting an interception.

The only problem with this is Turner wasn't known for being a ballhawk at Michigan, only recording three interceptions in the two seasons when he got significant playing time.

Jordan Battle, who continues to be my favorite rookie as we move into the regular season, is the second candidate. Like Turner, the Alabama product also won't be starting as Dax Hill and Nick Scott have locked those two positions up for the foreseeable future, but will still most likely see limited snaps. From what he's shown in preseason, especially in that first game against the Packers, it'd be a bad decision to not put him on defense for a couple of plays now and then.

As with the aforementioned D.J. Turner, though, Battle isn't really known for being a guy who gets a lot of interceptions, as he recorded six in his four years at Bama, the same rate as Turner. What he's truly known for is his ability as a tackler, which is still very important and useful, but I don't see him going out there and getting an interception, at least not in this first game. If he does force a turnover, the likelihood is that he'll knock it out of a ball carrier's hands rather than making a great read and jumping in front of a pass.

That leaves who I believe is the most likely rookie to make this prediction come to fruition, and that's the edge rusher out of Clemson, Myles Murphy. Given that Anarumo has shown how much he likes to rotate the defensive line-- especially when there is an injury, just look at what he did when Reader missed a good chunk of the middle of the season in 2022) -- and Joseph Ossai is set to miss at least the season opener -- Murphy will see the most snaps out of these three and, in turn, have the best opportunity to force a turnover.

Granted, he didn't see a lot of playing time in the preseason, and when he did he was far from impressive, but that's not the be-all and end-all of how good a rookie will be.


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After all, just a couple of years ago, we saw a rookie Ja'Marr Chase struggle in the preseason, and then what happened? He went out and had one of the greatest seasons we've ever seen from a rookie wide receiver. Not that these situations are identical, but all I'm saying is don't write Murphy off so quickly. Even in a limited number of snaps, he might just have a huge impact on this game.