Predicting the final three games of the Bengals 2022 season

Cincinnati Bengals v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Cincinnati Bengals v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages
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Week 18 vs Ravens

Against all odds, the Bengals passed the Ravens in the AFC North standings, thanks to Baltimore choking against the Jaguars and Browns. The Ravens had a joke of a schedule down the stretch but still couldn't hold onto their lead in the division.

Meanwhile, Cincinnati had one of the toughest schedules and haven't lost since the calendar hit November. That's the difference between these teams right now -- One is red hot and the other might not even end up making the playoffs now.

The Ravens offense has been comically bad, and in their last three games, have totaled the ninth-fewest yards per game. They have no wide receivers -- and that situation has gotten so bad that they reunited with Sammy Watkins and signed Mike Thomas off the Bengals practice squad -- and can barely move the ball. That was the case even with Lamar Jackson under center so you can imagine how much worse it's gotten since he's been injured.

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This game might not even be close to be honest. The Ravens defense is decent but they always find a way to melt down in the fourth quarter. Even if the Bengals are trailing entering the fourth quarter, they'll be able to win this game.

Prediction: Bengals win 35-17