Tee Higgins shares cryptic message on social media

Put on your detective hats.

Put on your detective hats, boys and girls. We've officially reached the 'cryptic social media message' portion of the offseason, courtesy of disgruntled Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins, who is the only franchise tagged player in the NFL this year yet to reach an agreement on a long-term extension.

Higgins, who requested a trade out of Cincinnati at the onset of free agency in March and has been a no-show at OTAs, posted a set of photos to his Instagram with a caption that read, "I tell em no, they can't wait to call me selfish..."

What does it mean? Who knows? Are people going to speculate about the meaning? Absolutely.

Higgins wants to remain in Cincinnati

This post from Higgins came shortly after Higgins made it clear that despite his unhappiness with his current contract, he would still love to reach a long-term extension to remain in Cincinnati.

“As far as coming back, I would love to come back,” Higgins said on a recent podcast appearance. “I grew as a man in the past four years here. Grew as a player, made — got good new friendships. Great relationships with people not in the facility, in the City of Cincinnati, the fans are great. So I would definitely love to be here. But if that’s not the situation, then that’s not the situation.”

Higgins has also previously stated that he expects to play for the Bengals in 2024.

"I do anticipate it," Higgins said last month. "I've grown a love for Cincinnati that I didn't think I would. [I'm] looking forward to it."

Higgins has until July 15 to agree to an extension with the Bengals, or he could become eligible for free agency next offseason. It will be interesting to see what transpires between now and then.