Tony Romo is calling the Bengals game again and fans are not excited

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Another Cincinnati Bengals playoff game, another three hours of listening to Tony Romo slobber over the opposing quarterback. That's what we'll be dealing with again this week, as the Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs square off in the AFC Championship Game. Romo, Jim Nantz, and Tracy Wolfson are on the call.

Much like last week, Bengals fans aren't excited about Romo calling this weekend's game. Romo isn't as obsessed with Patrick Mahomes as he is with "Mr. January" himself Josh Allen but we all know that he'll be drooling over anything Mahomes does in this game.

Bengals fans wish Tony Romo would go away

My exact attitude.

I can't say that I had quite this reaction but hey, to each their own!

This one made me chuckle. Cris Collinsworth definitely loves Mahomes more than any of the broadcasters. I'm sure he is sad that he isn't calling this one.

This seems to be the sentiment with Romo these days. What started as a fun thing with him predicting what the offense might do on each play turned into him obsessing over one player and then not shutting up about him.

Another tweet with the same direction as the previous one. He's not great when he's trying to be funny.


This one definitely had NFL fans scratching their heads when Romo said it. It wasn't a perfectly thrown ball BECAUSE it was wide.

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Hey if you really don't want to listen to Romo, just put the TV on mute and put on the Bengals Radio Network!