Tyler Boyd has hilarious reaction to Bengals reuniting with A.J. McCarron

McCarron was signed to the Bengals practice squad on Saturday.
Cincinnati Bengals v Denver Broncos
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There's a familiar face rejoining the Cincinnati Bengals. It's A.J. McCarron, who played with the Bengals from 2015 to 2017 and started four games during the 2015 season. The Bengals signed McCarron on Saturday due to an injury to Joe Burrow that could sideline him for Monday Night Football against the Los Angeles Rams.

Before signing with the team that spent a fifth-round pick on him in the 2014 NFL Draft, McCarron worked out for the Bengals on Saturday morning. It confused Tyler Boyd when he arrived at the practice facility.

Tyler Boyd wasn't expecting to see A.J. McCarron practicing with the Bengals.

Boyd and McCarron spent two years together in Cincinnati, as Boyd was a second-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. They likely didn't play together too much since most of McCarron's passes as a Bengal came during that 2015 season, which was the season before Boyd joined the team.

Still, it's funny to picture Boyd walking into the practice facility and being startled at the sight of a former teammate. It was probably a pretty confusing time, as McCarron hasn't been with the Bengals since 2017 and hasn't even been in the NFL since 2020.


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Yet, here he is, joining the Bengals roster in case Joe Burrow has to miss an extended period of time due to his injury.