WATCH: New Bengals RB Zack Moss makes squatting nearly 500 pounds look easy

Don't try this at home.
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Here's one thing we know about new Cincinnati Bengals running back Zack Moss: The dude has strong legs. A video recently posted by Moss -- and reshared by the Bengals -- shows the Bengals back squatting nearly 500 pounds with ease.

Check it out:

Moss is far from the only player in the NFL who can put up major numbers when squatting (just ask Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts), but it's still impressive to see nonetheless. Most mere mortals will never come close to squatting nearly 500 pounds, especially with the ease that Moss seemed to do it with.

Why Moss signed with Bengals

Moss had options in free agency, but he ultimately decided to put pen to paper on a two-year deal with the Bengals, and he recently explained the rationale behind his decision. He listed Cincinnati's offensive approach and personnel as major factors.

"Cincy just made the most sense," Moss said. "From the structure of the offense and how the offense is played, and kind of the scheme of the offense and what they want to do. It's a lot of shotgun offense, a lot of inside zone gap scheme runs and things of that nature.

"It's hard to turn down a guy like [Joe] Burrow, guys like [Ja'Marr] Chase and [Tee] Higgins and just all the talent on both sides of the ball," he added. "It's so much space, that really intrigued me," Moss said. "Being able to play in a box when you only got six guys, maybe seven and if there's seven, it's kind of gonna be real hard for them defend the pass game. So it's just something that I was like very, very intrigued about and super excited to be a Bengal." 

Moss will play a major role for the Bengals in 2024, and he certainly seems strong enough to shoulder the workload.