We asked AI which DC superhero Joe Burrow would be, and it's spot-on

I am Vengeance.
Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
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The Cincinnati Bengals selected Joe Burrow with the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft after he threw for 60 touchdowns and helped lead the LSU Tigers to a National Championship. Burrow also won the Heisman Trophy that year and showed that he was ready to help lead an NFL team to the promised land.

In June, we asked ChatGPT which Marvel superhero Joe Burrow would be and I figured why not turn things to the DC universe.

Joe Burrow would be Batman if he were a DC superhero.

"If we were to associate Joe Burrow with a DC superhero, he could be compared to Batman. Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, is known for his intelligence, strategic thinking, and dedication to protecting his city. Similarly, Joe Burrow has demonstrated his intelligence on the football field, making smart decisions and adapting to the game. Additionally, like Batman's unwavering commitment to Gotham City, Burrow's determination and leadership have been instrumental in elevating his team's performance."


It's hard to argue with this logic. I really liked the line about how both gentlemen are dedicated to protecting their city and discussing their commitment to their cities. Batman obviously falls into this category because he's Gotham City's protector. Burrow cares about Cincinnati because he's turned the Bengals into a Super Bowl contender and wants to stay in the Queen City for his entire career.

Both guys are smart, as ChatGPT notes and it goes into detail about how Burrow has adapted during his short time in the league.


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Some might have expected Burrow to be compared to Superman but Batman is a perfect fit for Burrow for all of the reasons listed above. Burrow plays even better when he's motivated too so hopefully he'll be out for vengeance after losing in the AFC title game.