We'd like to see more from these Bengals players in 2022

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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Joe Burrow

Burrow is the obvious choice for a player we'd like to see more from this season because in his first five weeks of the 2022 season he hasn't looked anything like the Burrow we saw last year that lead this team to a division title and Super Bowl appearance.

His worst performance so far was Week 1 against the hated Steelers, in a game where he was responsible for five turnovers. Thankfully, he's cut down on those since, with only one in the last four games, but it doesn't like he's improved much since that game outside of that specific area.

Sure, his stats looked good in the team's two wins against the Dolphins and Jets, but going off the eye test, I can't honestly say there's been a game this season where I've been legitimately impressed with his play. Even in his three-touchdown performance against the Jets, I was more impressed with Tee Higgins making contested catches consistently or Tyler Boyd bouncing off two defenders and taking it to the house.

Now, a lot of this can be blamed on Zac Taylor and play-calling but at least some of the blame does lie on Burrow. He has missed open receivers more than a few times this season, and we've seen him underthrow and overthrow passes more than usual.

Maybe he's going through a Junior Slump instead of a Sophomore Slump since his rookie-year injury set him back? Who knows, all I know is he better get it together, because the chances of this team making it back to the Super Bowl, let alone winning it, are slipping away with each loss.