2015 NFL Draft: Bengals OT Jake Fisher Scouting Report


Nov 23, 2013; Tucson, AZ, USA; Oregon Ducks offensive lineman Jake Fisher (75) against the Arizona Wildcats at Arizona Stadium. Arizona defeated Oregon 42-16. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the Bengals selecting an offensive tackle in the first round of this year’s draft, many thought they would draft another position in the second. That was not the case as they selected offensive tackle Jake Fisher. With many looking at him as a versatile player, let’s take a more in-depth look at the new Bengal.

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Just like Ogubehi, Fisher is very quick on his feet. Times his transition between blocks well and almost effortlessly reaches the second level. Uses his angles and footwork well to maintain balance and stay on the opponent even if in trouble. Has great hand placement and knows when to deliver the punch both when pass and run blocking. Agility is arguably his greatest strength, so he fits well in a zone blocking scheme. Uses leverage to his advantage while keeping his hand technique on point throughout his battles. Continues to fight back even if being outmatched, showing resilience. Versatile; has the ability to play left tackle, right tackle, and offensive guard. In 2014, he had to move to left tackle after an injury to the team, he stepped up and continued to protect Marcus Mariota whether in the pocket or at the second level. Had a great combine.


Highly penalized throughout his career. Sometimes catches the pass rusher rather than punching him. Lacks great power. Against run stuffers and bull rushers, he struggles to move them off the line in the run game. Struggles to take on correct angles in the running game, which has led to many of his holding penalties. When going against bull rushers, Fisher sometimes gets stuck and can’t move forward with his blocks. Basically, he struggles a lot against power defenders as Fisher is a light, lean tackle. While versatile, the lack of a true offensive line position has messed with Fisher’s footwork, which may be why he struggles to take the right angles in blocking. Needs to have a more consistent push rather than just catching defenders. Been banged up a bit, which has made him miss some games.


Jake Fisher is one of those players that shows a ton of promise no matter where you place him on the field. He’s fast, agile, and shows he’s never willing to give up. Watching game tape, Fisher tries to stay on his blocks yet can effortlessly pass them on to another blocker while quickly stopping another defender. Has decent arm length and shows he’s willing to fight anyone who steps in his way.

Again, his biggest issues are penalties because of poor angles; which can be coached, and strength which Fisher himself must improve upon.

Fisher is probably best suited as a right tackle for this team, though don’t be surprised if you see Fisher get snaps on some three tight end sets this upcoming season. There’s a ton of upside with Fisher and he’s a very polished player already.

With a ton of potential and game tape that shows heart, Fisher may be the most underrated player in the Bengals draft class. A versatile player, Fisher has shown throughout his college career that he can step up wherever is needed, which offers a team  great depth and a talented player who is only going to get better.

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