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Cincinnati Bengals are not in rebuild mode

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Who Dey notes: Bengals' Tyler Eifert, John Ross could be out
Who Dey notes: Bengals' Tyler Eifert, John Ross could be out /

Bengals re-sign Tyler Eifert to a one-year deal                                       Grade: B

Cincinnati’s offense has struggled when without tight end Tyler Eifert since he was drafted in the first round in 2013. Eifert has not been able to stay healthy for a full 16 games and has only started in 15 games the last four seasons combined. His inability to stay on the field, playing in 49% of games since being drafted, has severely hurt the Bengals offense, mostly in the red zone.

Eifert’s best stretch of football was before he got hurt in 2015 when he caught 13 touchdowns. The only tight end to have more touchdowns in a single season is New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski in 2011. When healthy, Eifert is one of the best tight ends in the league and giving him a one-year prove it deal makes all the sense in the world for Cincinnati. The total deal is worth up to $8 million with incentives for games and production.

This move gives the Bengals a serious red zone threat and someone that Dalton can rely on to go up and get the ball. It detours defenses away from wide receiver A.J. Green in the middle of the field which we have all seen makes a world of a difference. All of this talent for a cheap deal if Eifert can’t stay healthy.

There is a lot to play for when it comes to Eifert who is hoping to stay healthy and land his first major money deal in 2019. Between the incentive based contract and Eifert needing to prove himself to the Bengals and the rest of the league if he wants to earn his first big payday, it all adds up to high potential.