Predicting who will lead the Bengals in touchdowns in 2022

Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Bengals’ offense in 2022 is very much a pick-your-poison offense just like Joe Burrow said:

They can strike from anywhere on the field, and with any player in their arsenal. So picking who will lead the team in touchdowns in 2022 seems, at first, difficult but then you just have to look at the trends.

Initially, Ja’Marr Chase seems like the obvious choice. Had a great season, he’ll have more experience and be even more confident on the field. However, teams have had an entire offseason to prepare for him. As well as he will catch a ton of double teams.

Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd will catch a lot of those yards and some Touchdowns. However, the runoff won’t be so significant that Chase won’t lead all receivers in touchdowns. There is one player who is clearly going to lead the team in touchdowns.

Joe Mixon will lead the Cincinnati Bengals in touchdowns

Joe Mixon had a career season in 2021. Mixon totaled over 1,500 yards and 16 total touchdowns in 2021. All of this was behind an offensive line more porous than pumice. This year Cincy has upgraded their offensive line.

A big reason is to protect their franchise guy Joey B. But, also to give time for Mixon to find the seems and bust through them. Mixon is a patient runner, if he can have some time to find the whole that this line can/should create, he could do some serious damage.

Plus, Mixon is able to make plays in the passing game as well. In 2021 he only had three touchdowns in the air, however, given that Chase will likely be well guarded. With most teams probably playing zone, it might be easiest for Mixon to find those holes in the zones.

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Mixon lead Cincinnati in touchdowns in 2021 with a total of 16. My guess is he is going to have an even bigger year. I will predict 20 touchdowns for the sixth year back. Maybe that is a little high, but if this new offensive line works out, our boys in black and orange could be even more dangerous than last year.

What do you think? Is there someone else who will lead the Bengals in touchdowns? Let us know in the comments below!