3 winners, 3 losers for Bengals following 2023 NFL Draft

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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Winner: Hakeem Adeniji

The Bengals opted not to draft any offensive linemen in this year's draft and that's great news for the depth pieces on the roster, in particular, Hakeem Adeniji. Entering the draft, it felt like any o-linemen selected would be the end of Adeniji on the Bengals' roster.

Adeniji was a sixth-round pick in the 2020 draft and was immediately thrown into action as a rookie. While the Kansas product looked okay during his rookie season, his play has gotten worse as the years have gone on. In his defense, he's been tasked with playing a variety of positions but still... When Adeniji is out there playing meaningful snaps, Joe Burrow is a sitting duck.

Adeniji could still end up being a cap casualty but not drafting any offensive linemen is definitely good news for him.

Loser: Trent Taylor/Stanley Morgan Jr.

The Bengals drafted two wide receivers on Day 3 and this isn't good news for two Bengals receiver depth pieces. We know that Ja'Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd will each get a roster spot. Fourth-round rookie Charlie Jones is probably a given to make it. Sixth-round rookie Andrei Iosivas probably is a favorite to make it as well.

While I'd bank on Trenton Irwin to still be safe considering the 2022 season he put together, he could potentially be on the chopping block too. Trent Taylor and Stanley Morgan Jr. definitely have the most to lose after the draft. Morgan has been a member of the Bengals for several years and played stout special teams. Taylor re-signed this offseason and has been a return specialist.

With Iosivas offering special teams contributions, it's very possible that Morgan and/or Taylor are fighting like hell for their roster spots this summer.