Bengals Rumors: Tee Higgins shipped to the Patriots in latest trade scenario

Cincinnati Bengals v New England Patriots
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Another day, another Tee Higgins trade rumor.

Cincinnati Bengals fans might not like it but until a decision is made on Higgins, we need to get used to people coming up with all different kinds of trade packages for the former second-round pick.

The latest Higgins trade speculation, which comes from Kenneth Teape of NFL Analysis Network, has the Clemson product getting sent to Foxborough in exchange for a first and third-round pick.

"The Patriots can use the trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and Tennessee Titans during the 2022 NFL Draft as a reference point. A.J. Brown was traded for a first and third-round pick and has very similar production as Higgins does during their careers. The only difference is Brown has proven over multiple seasons he is a No. 1 receiver; Higgins has only needed to do it when Chase was sidelined."

Kenneth Teape

Tee Higgins is on the move in yet another trade scenario

First and foremost, the Bengals aren't guaranteed to trade Higgins. He's made it clear that he'd like to stick around and even put the "he's asking for a lot of money" talk to bed earlier this offseason.

All of that being said, the Bengals won't be able to sign everyone and if Higgins wants to be a WR1 and earn WR1 money, this is the time for Cincinncati to reap the benefits of moving on from him. If they wait until next year, they'd have to franchise tag him and then trade him in order to get anything from trading him.

The Patriots could absolutely use Higgins but then again, so could a lot of teams. Getting Mac Jones another key weapon this offseason with Jakobi Meyers set to hit free agency is going to be a priority for the Patriots but are they willing to give up multiple draft picks to land Higgins? That could be what it'd take to do so.

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Until something is decided on Higgins, these trade scenarios will continue. What do you think ultimately happens here?