Germaine Pratt has Bengals fans intrigued with latest tweet

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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Germaine Pratt is the master at making heads turn with his tweets. The Cincinnati Bengals linebacker is set to hit free agency this offseason and for a while, it felt as though he'd be long gone when the season ended.

This wasn't helped by his yelling as he entered the locker room and showing how less than pleased he was with teammate Joseph Ossai following the AFC title game. Pratt did apologize for all of that, for what it's worth.

During the season, Pratt tweeted about how he wasn't entirely happy with his role. He explained what he meant later on and people sort of forgot about it.

Now Pratt is at it again.

Lindsay Patterson tweeted "If the Bengals could spend a big chunk of money on one position in FA - which one would you choose?" to which Pratt responded with "LB".

Germaine Pratt wants the Bengals to bring him back... at least we think so?

Brad Spielberger of PFF projected that Pratt will earn a four-year deal worth $24.75 million ($8.25 million annually) and that's a deal the Bengals might be able to afford. Out of the four big pending free agents, the Bengals might be able to keep two and I'd lean toward Pratt and Vonn Bell being those two.

Previously, I would have said that Hayden Hurst was the more likely option to stay over Pratt but these contract projections favor Pratt staying over Hurst. The question has always appeared to be does Pratt want to stay in Cincinnati? Fans leaned toward no but this tweet shows that if the Bengals pay him what he deserves, he'll come back.

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If another team offers more than that, however, that's when things could get dicey. We'll have to see what transpires between the two this spring.