Who Else Needs Saved?

Mike Brown’s Rescue Shelter is still looking for wayward souls in need of a good home. Say, wasn’t that Terrell Owens we just saw wandering alone on the side of the highway?

  • persiang

    great SIGN Mike Brown he will work!out I think he misses the benifits of playing in the N.F.L an excellant choice he is a fast and big wideout with decent HANDS,will help CHAD a lot,but I still feel the Bengals should draft a tightend or O-LINEMAN in the first round,and looking at the tightend free agents,O-LINEMAN FIRST,maybe go after BEN WATSON?good run blocker decent hands.OH YEA give ODELL THURMAN A SECOND CHANCE!great talent and a hard hitter that will also save the team MONEY! He misses the benifits of playing in the N.F.L however short it was,Getting paid to play a sport that u LOVE what a blessing.