4 Takeaways from the Bengals’ Win Over the Bears

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The Bengals beat the Bears in preseason action, but what can we draw from the team’s performance? A few major things stood out.

After a nice Week 1 win versus the Bears in the preseason, the Bengals have to take stock of their roster. Although the win was nice, the preseason is much more about learning which players are most prepared for the regular season. The Bengals will still have some tough decisions to make, but there was definitely some separation yesterday.

The backup offensive line needs help

After midway through the second quarter, the Bengals began to stall on offense. While this was due to the whole starting offense exiting the game, the primary burden of the lack of offense fell on the O-line. The second string O-line looked terrible, inhibiting the running backs from getting space and the quarterbacks from having time in the pocket.

It seems like the Bengals may have listed the right starters in their first official depth chart. Obviously, Cordy Glenn was going to start outside at left tackle, but Bobby Hart played better than Jake Fisher. The guard position was more closely contested, leaving less separation. However, it’s clear that the unit of Jake Fisher and Cedric Ogbuehi has some problems (video).

If the Bengals have this much trouble with their backup O-line, there will be some serious concerns about this offense if there’s any injuries. For now, the starters look fine, but someone on the bench needs to step up as a reliable replacement.

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